John Deere 7350, 630C

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47.964 EUR
Merk / modelJohn Deere 7350, 630C
PlaatsSłomczyn 70, 05-600 Grójec
Mascus ID32CF3461
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Prijs excl. BTW47.964 EUR
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Voorraad nummerAFF0520
Serienummer1Z07350YJA0510926, 1KM630CGCAA114575
Overige informatieTechnical means data

General data

Manufacturer: JOHN DEERE

Model: 7350

Mileage: silnik - 3868 mth

Year of manufacture: 2010 (wg tabliczki znamio
Technical parameters

Curb weight: 11 500 kg


- A set of weights

- Rear hydrostatic drive

- Silaspray sourser dispenser (without container),

- Rear wheel weights,

- Central greasing,

- Work lighting package,

The machine is designed for harvesting dried fodder and maize for the purpose of silage. Forage Harvester is used for harvesting crops for feed on cattle farms.
Technical description

Forage harvester JOHN DEERE 7350 given to recognition was equipped with accessories.
The valuation does not include JOHN DEERE 630C plant head.

Visual technical condition  can be stated as good.

Visible exploitation signs on the lacquer cladding, scratches, corrosion centres, mechanic deshapes.

Damages found during recognition:

- no possibility to start the machine - during the starting trial the starter work - proper, crank-piston mechanism works during starting,  but the engine does not start.

Most probable - no petrol injection feeding - there is necessity of damage verification in service garage.

- front left wheel chamber - bent, lacquer clading pop-offs, corrosion centres,

- top engine cover - cover material damage,

- cooler fan blades - material lacks due to the torns with cooler cover,

- exhaust unit - leaks.

Identification documents, instruction manual and service book were not presented.

Operator's seat - sitting, heated, air-conditioned,

Cabin - closed,

Engine type - diesel,

Basic fittings - no visible lacks,

Hydraulic units (pumps, wires, motors) - no restrictions,

Steering unit - no restrictions,

Lacquer cladding - of a green/yellow colour, with mechanic damages,

Panel board - complete,

Liquid leaks - not found,

Machine repairs and maintenance - not presented,

Machine identification documents - not presented,

Machine mileage documents - presented,

Testing without load - no possibility to start the engine.

In parking conditions there was no possibility to test the grinding unit technical condition (knives and milling machines). 

Basic parts:


Engine JOHN DEERE power 352kW capacity 13 500 cm3 with fittings complete, no visible lacks.

with the fitings complete, no visible lacks.

Engine was not started. During the recognition the engine damage was stated. There is the necessity of technical verification in service garage.


Underbody parts complete, without visible lacks.


Front - Michelin Mega X BIB 650/75 R32 - used: 60%

Rear -  Michelin XMCL 480/80 R 26 - used: 50%


Body of a green colour with mechanic damages signs.


Basic accessories parts complete, no visible lacks.

1 key set to start ignition and open doors were presented.

Additional equippment:

- sourser dispenser instalaltion (incomplete),

- 4x4 drive,

- raer weights set,


Technical means data

General data

Manufacturer: JOHN DEERE

Model: 630C PICKUP

Mileage: nie ustalono

Year of manufacture: 2010
Technical parameters

Curb weight: 1250 kg


- width 3,0 m - robocza


- suppoert wheel.

The device as part attached to the forage harvester for picking grass and green plants.
Technical description

Grass picker given to recognition had no visible lacks.

Visual technical condition can be stated as - good. Visible exploitation signs, scratches of the lacquer cladding and corrosion centres.

No possibility to test the machine in work in the recognition conditions - during the recogntion the picker installed on the inefficient forage harvester.

Technical and service documentation were not presented.

Year 2010 set as a year of production was accepted based on the permanent signatures on the unit rating plate.

Machine damages:

- picker steel - bent, broken, 30pcs, set to be replaced.

- main screw - mechanic damages,

- work mechanism covers - lacquer cladding damages, dents.

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Op Mascus NL kunt u John Deere 7350, 630C anders vinden. De prijs van deze John Deere 7350, 630C is € 47.964 en is gemaakt in 2010. Deze occasion staat in Słomczyn 70, 05-600 Grójec Polen. Op kunt u John Deere 7350, 630C vinden en nog veel meer modellen van anders. Details - Voorraad nummer: AFF0520, Serienummer: 1Z07350YJA0510926, 1KM630CGCAA114575